I'm a Ham!

Hats I wear include: Stand Up Comic, Drag Queen and Event Host

Valerie Branch has been called the den mother of Bay Area comedy; the cool kind, that lets you drink during sleepovers. Originally from Alamo, California, she moved to San Francisco to pursue her symbiotic relationship with gay men, with whom she shares a passion for shoes, vodka and straight men. Valerie is married to her craft by default. Valerie labors lovingly over jokes that deliver punchlines the way a boxer delivers surprise uppercuts. You will be left breathless, in a good way. Her material is urbane and mature, with just a touch of savagery. She has opened for Tommy Davidson, featured for Justin Martindale, and Shawn Pelofsky.

In addition to comedy, Valerie performs in Drag as her alter ego, Pia Messing! Her bawdy character breaks the ice - and a few laws in some states - with her over-the-top banter and commentary!

Pia Messing Backstage.jpg

Planning a Private Event?

I was referred to a delightful actress, Valerie, for my over the hill birthday party. All expectations were met. The actress arrived early and gave a wonderful comedy performance.
— M. Clarke