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Branching Out with Valerie - KZCT 89.5FM with Koorosh Ostowari

Branching Out with Valerie on 89.5FM KZCT Vallejo
Music / News and Interviews with host, Valerie Branch on Ozcat Radio. Every Monday and Wednesday 6-9am.

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At 8:00 I welcome back to the show, Koorosh Ostowari, author of the Money Anxiety Cure. Koorosh recently traveled back to his birthplace of Iran after decades of living in the USA. I am keen to hear how his experiences during his travels shed new light for him on the concepts of wealth and abundance, or lack thereof. On the day before Thanksgiving when give thanks for our health, wealth and family, or may feel keenly the lack these, I hope this conversation will bring a fresh breath to a season that all too often revolves around spending, buying and consuming.