Valerie Branch is quite simply one of the best radio hosts I’ve ever heard. She is one to the very few radio personalities that exude chemistry with every guest. And, although very new to the medium, I have no doubt that she is well on her way to super stardom.
— Tony Wilkins, Host of Small Business Forum Radio; Small Business Forum Magazine, September 2014
...Everyone from entertainers to activists, and business owners to drag performers are interviewed! A staunch (straight) supporter of the LGBT community, Ms. Branch can be seen in her comedy room every Monday...
— Small Business Forum Magazine, June 2014

As both a producer and performer, Valerie Branch has been a part of the comedy scene as a straight ally who also likes a bit of faux-queen style.

She’s performed regularly at the legendary Purple Onion. In addition to performing, Valerie co-produced the Jokers and Queens Comedy and Drag Showcase, and her LOL Comedy show at the mid-Market Club OMG is into its second year.

”It started slow, because of the neighborhood,” said Branch. “But it picked up among comics and the open mic scene. We’re getting more walk-ins, so that’s excellent.”

With a wizened eye on comic stylings, Branch dicussed the idea of fresh topics.

”If it’s trending at midnight,” (Sochi Olympics, Sarah Palin’s latest absurd blathering) “it’s gonna have a short life. Jokes are literally being written and delivered in real time. The shelf life is more short than ever.
— Jim Provenzano, Bay Area Reporter Online, August, 2014