Planting Intentions... Almost by "Accident"

Welcome!... So here I am, drafting my first blog... almost by accident. But not quite. Just as I am discovering all of the cool things I can do with my website (like have a blog!)I am also discovering just how much I am capable of... almost by accident!

Take for example, my gift of gab. I mean, we all talk, use words... But I don't think I ever realized that I could share in-depth conversations in a radio show format. I mean, yes, it's called a podcast and there are thousands of them every day now. But I never meant to do it. I wanted to do radio and fancied that I was like Daria on The Buzz in Portland. I thought it would be cool.

But somehow saying "I want to do this and so I am going to take steps XYZ to achieve it..." is just not me. It would mean taking myself seriously, setting out to do it, risking ridicule from others, or embarrassment in myself failing. At least, that is how I saw it in the past. And yet, low and behold, almost in spite of myself "not knowing" how to get into radio, here I am. I found myself as a guest on community radio stations in Oregon then in San Francisco. And I loved it. I had a ton of encouragement from those in broadcast, and I found that FCC Free Radio was looking for hosts and shows, and so I took the opportunity. For 2 years I played with various formats and learned from other hosts, and just raw, goofy, klutzy experience.

Now, a couple of weeks ago I was able to pick up the phone and call a local station where I live, in Vallejo, and I just heard the following words tumble effortlessly from my own mouth:

"Yes, I host a weekly radio show called Branching Out: Conversations Rooted in Growth, and I'm looking for a new home for my show. Would there be any upcoming opportunities to add this format to your existing programming line up, and who would I talk to regarding this?" A lovely deep man's voice replied, "One moment. Let me have you talk to Katie."

What I didn't know was that the man I had talked to was David Martin, half of the husband/wife team that owns and runs OZCAT Radio. What I also didn't know was that I was about to talk to Katie Martinelli, his wife.

So we talked for about 20 minutes and decided it was a good fit, and could I come by the studio the next day and meet everyone? And then she said, "David said you had a good voice. You do."

24 hours later I found myself double-checking the address on my mapquest and looking at the 3 story home in front of me... trying to reconcile the notion of "radio station" with the visual of "family home". I knocked on the door and then heard voices from the side yard... where I was invited in to meet everyone, even the family dog and their beautiful brood of chickens!

My last show at FCC Free Radio is this Friday from 6-8pm (PST). Please do tune in! They have been a place where I got to "figure it out", and are a hub for local talent in San Francisco.

Wednesday April 1st (April Fool's Day!) tune in 6-9am (yes - in the morning!) to hear my first official show on OZCAT Radio! It's a local FM station that broadcasts to Benicia, Vallejo and Fairfield. And from anywhere in the world, you can always catch me live online at

Not bad for someone who never "meant" to get into radio.